Get the upper hand on your technology so you can focus on what really matters.... coaching your clients.

Coaching online can be a bit tricky. But having a firm grip on your technology puts you 100% in charge of what you can control. Leaving you with the confidence to breeze through any surprises that might come up.

Hi there, I'm Lisa. When I coach my clients online, I share part of my desktop to my client so they can see--in real time--what I'm writing and how I'm capturing the content of our session. You can't get closer to face-to-face coaching without actually being there!

When I set out to add online coaching to my practice, I wanted my attention on the client and not the technology. So, I created a rock-solid process to eliminate distractions by customizing my software and hardware tools for my workflow. And now, I help other online coaches do the same.

Two Laptops

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